Upload files on koha server

Koha allows you to upload digital files e.g. pdf, text, image, video, etc. on the Koha server. All the uploaded files will be stored in the internal directory of Koha, and files could be retrieved from the staff interface as well as on OPAC. 


First I recommend creating categories to upload the files. If you don't want to create more categories, even you can create only one that will contain all the files. While uploading the new file you need to select the category otherwise your upload is marked as temporary and will be removed when your server will restart. For starting this process, you need to add new authorized values to the  "Upload".

Create new Authorized values under the UPLOAD category

Koha Tools ➤Authorized values

1. Search for Upload

2. Click on Add button

upload tool in koha

Fill in the detail and Save

Upload files

Go to Koha Tools ➤ Upload

Browse and Choose the file 

Select the file category (If you don’t choose a category, the file will be marked as temporary and will be deleted when the system will be rebooted.)

Check the “Allow public downloads” box, (It will allow retrieving the file from OPAC)

Click  on “Upload”

Once the upload is complete, the file has been assigned a Hashvalue. This type of unique value (Hashvalue) is assigned for all the uploaded files. Copy the Hashvalue and paste it into the following URL like this:-

Koha OPAC IP/cgi-bin/koha/opac-retrieve-file.pl?id=Hashvalue

The URL for the file will look like this:-

You can also click on the public link "yes" to copy the URL  of the file and paste it where you want to use it. 

What is the use of your Uploaded Files?

You can show your uploaded files on the home page of OPAC by inserting the hyperlink of the file's URL in the "News" or "HTML customization" under the Additional tools of Koha.

You can Attach the file with the bibliographic record. No need to store files in any other space like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You can search your uploaded files using the search field in the upload tool. Files could be searched by Filename, Hashvalue, category, etc.

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