How to subscribe new arrivals alerts in koha

Koha users can set the new arrival alert using the RSS Feed subscription. Users must have an account with the RSS aggregator and need to add an RSS feed subscription to the RSS feeds. Once the search RSS feed is added to the RSS Feed Readers, patrons will start to get a notification when a new title is added to the catalog and will match your search.

Copy the RSS feed of your search results

Suppose your specialization is psychology and you would like to be notified when the library catalog any book related to psychology subject.

Open the Koha OPAC and search for the subject keyword of psychology in the catalog

Do the Right Click on the orange RSS icon next to the number of results and copy the link address

Add the RSS feed subscription link to the RSS Feed Readers

You may find many online RSS feed readers/aggregators over the internet. You can use anyone. Here I have taken inoreader that offers a basic version free. The pro version is also available on a paid basis.

Open the inoreader RSS reader

Go to

Sign up or Sign in with the email 

1. Click on the "+  Add new" button on the left side

2. Click on Feed 

3. Paste the OPAC RSS feed Link address

4. Choose the language

5. Click on the Follow button 

The titles that match your search will appear under the article. You will get a notification when the new title adds to the Koha catalog with your search matching.

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