How to Manage Bound Volumes of Journals/Periodicals in koha

Once the whole issues of the periodical of a volume are received by the library, the library gathers up all the issues of that volume and binds them together into a single book, This book is called a bound journal. The library gives accession numbers to that Bound Journals e.g. BJ001, BJ002, BJ003. In order to manage bound journals in Koha, you need to create a new item type for bound periodicals and enter/ edit the bibliographic data of the journal of the bound volume.

Following are the steps to manage the bound journals in Koha 

Create an item type for the bound Journals.

Administration ➤ Item types ➤ New item type

Search for the journal for which you want to edit as a bound volume of journal.

Click on "Edit items" under the Edit tab.

Now Enter the details of the bound journal

1. Enter the Volume Number and Issue Number of the bound periodical/Journal.

2. Enter Barcode/Accession Number for the bound volume.

3. Select the Item type for the bound Journal

4. Now Click on the Add item button

The detailed view of bound periodicals on the staff interface

Bound volume of journals

The detailed view of bound periodicals on the OPAC

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