How to Create Restricted Page in koha OPAC

Koha OPAC interface could be customized as a mini website where we can put various pages related to the library. Anonymous users can access the pages through OPAC. Sometimes, the library wants to restrict specific page like subscribed E-books, E-journals, Databases, etc., and provide access to Koha registered patrons only.

You can restrict the specific page through the "Restricted Page" under the OPAC preferences

Go to Administration ➤ Global system preferences  ➤ Search for the "Restricted page"

1. RestrictedPageContent: Content for the restricted page (HTML format)

2. RestrictedPageTitle: Enter the name of the page.

3. RestrictedPageLocalIPs:  Use this option to allow IP-based access. Enter the user's IP address to allow access without login. This will allow only the specified IP addresses and need to log in to access all other IP addresses.  

4. Click on the "Save all OPAC preferences"

Restricted pages in koha

Now you can provide the following link on the OPAC. When the user clicks on the link koha will prompt the login.

http://koha OPAC address/cgi-bin/koha/

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