Library Stock Verification (Inventory)

Koha has a dedicated inventory tool to verify stock and keep your catalog up to date. Follow the below steps to take inventory in koha. 


Prepare a List of Accession numbers (Barcodes)

To prepare a list of barcodes, you need a portable scanner or laptop with the scanner. Take your barcode scanner to the shelving location and scan the barcodes into a text document e.g. Notepad, or Wordpad. You can prepare the list of barcodes manually also. Remember you have to prepare the barcode list in the text document only, if you have a list of barcodes in other formats then copy and paste it into the text document.

You should have a list that looks like the below:-


Login to koha staff client and navigate the Inventory Tool

Koha Tools ➤ Inventory 

Upload your file by using the 'Choose file' button under the ‘Use a barcode file’ tab.

Alternatively, you can directly scan the barcodes one by one using the portable scanner into the Barcode list section. If you going to scan barcodes in the Barcode list section, do not scan more than 1000 barcodes at a time. It may cause the time out of the koha Inventory tool.

Stock inventory

Under the ''Parameters''

Set inventory date to:This is today's date by default. Leave it as the default date. However, You can change it when you scanned barcodes.

Compare barcodes list to results:Select the checkbox to compare and identify the barcodes on the shelving locations which are not scanned. 

Do not return items scanned during inventorySelect the checkbox to insure the items will not be marked as returned during the running inventory tool.

Check barcodes list for items shelved out of order: Koha will check and update the status if any of the items are included in the scanned list and the status is as lost in koha.

Under the ‘Item location filters’ 

Choose your Library location, Concerned library, Shelving location, Call number range, etc. 

Under ''Optional filters for inventory list or comparing barcodes''

Check the boxes  Skip items on loanSkip items on hold awaiting pickup, click on Select all items or specific items for which you want to take inventory, and Check the box "export to CSV file" to export the list to a CSV file then click the ‘Submit' button

By clicking on submit button an inventory report will be created and downloaded to the computer as a CSV file.


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