How to Attach files to bibliographic records

To Attach the files in the MARK framework, you need to add the '' plugin to a MARC framework in which you want to upload the files. You can add this plugin to the specific framework or all of your frameworks.

Koha Administration ➤ MARC Bibliographic Framework ➤ Books (Select your desired framework) ➤ Actions ➤MARC Structure ➤ Search for Tag 856$u

Select the "" option from the dropdown list and click on save changes.

Now you will see the Upload icon right side of the 856$u subfield of the bibliographic record while cataloging or editing the record from the cataloging module.

Click on the upload icon on 856$u field in order to upload the file.

Browse the file and upload

Click on Choose button to connect the file to your MARC record and save the record

Now you see the link for online access on the koha OPAC as well as on the koha staff interface.

You can upload multiple files with a bibliographic record as 856$u field is repeatable. If you want to upload large files eg. videos, and audio with many MARC records then you should increase your server size to avoid hanging up your server.

You can find the all uploaded files under the following directory in koha:-



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