Display New Arrivals Carousel on Koha OPAC

new arrivals carousel


Enable the plugin system in koha

Open the terminal Apply the following command to Open the  XML  file

sudo gedit /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml

Find the following line and make a change from 0 to 1 


Resart Appache server

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

NB: For More detail to enable the plugins to click here


Download the Carousel Plugin from the following link

Upload the Plugin

Koha Home ➤ Administration ➤ Plugins ➤ Manage Plugins ➤ Upload Plugin

Choose the  Carrousel.kpz plugin file and upload

Create a list

Create a public list named New Arrivals. Add the barcodes/Accession Numbers of recently added items that you want to display in the carousel.

Configure the Carrousel Plugin

Koha  Administration ➤ Plugins ➤ Manage Plugins ➤ Select your Carousel plugin ➤ Click to configure

Select the New Arrivals under the List, Auto rotate, Rotation Direction, Rotation delay, Background and Text color, etc., and Click on the Apply Configuration button

Now ''Run tool'' under the Plugin Actions 

By Clicking on ''Run tool'' the following screen will appear. Click on the ''Generate'' button to generate a carousel

Open the koha OPAC page you will see the carousel for the new arrival items.

Reference:- https://inlibro.com/en/carousel-instructions

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