How to Upload Batch Bitstreams and Metadata in Dspace 6

You can batch upload items including metadata and bitstreams into a DSpace system using the DSpace Simple Archive Format (SAF). 

Simple Archive Format (SAF) is a tool that converts the Bitstream/Content files and a metadata .csv file into a Simple Archive Format package, which easily allows for bulk upload to dspace repository.


1. Java JDK
2. Git
3. Maven
4.     SAFBuilder

Prepare a spreadsheet (.csv) with the following fields:

filename of the content file(s)
namespace.element.qualifier metadata for the item. Examples would be: dc.title or dc.description

Create a folder and put all content/bitstream files and the .csv file in the folder

Now Open the terminal and apply the following commands

sudo su

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

sudo apt-get install maven

sudo apt-get install git

Install SAFBuilder and generate a package to items import

git clone git://

cd SAFBuilder

./ -c src/your_folder_path/your_spreadsheet.csv -z

Applying the above command, a .zip file will be created, in the same folder with the name ''

Now, you can then import the file into the DSpace

Login to dspace as an administrator, and you will see a link "Batch Import" under the Content tab (as shown in the below screenshot). By clicking on the link you can upload the batch bitstream into the dspace.

Now choose the data file "" containing the SAF package and select the collection in which you want to import the batch items. Click on the 'Upload'  button.

dspace Batch Import

When the upload process will be finished, you will see the items under the collection in you have imported.


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