Manage user accounts from command line in dspace

Manage dspace user accounts

DSpace Administrators can manage the User's/E-Person's account (e.g. create new, edit, or delete) through the command line. Once the user (E-person) submitted any content in the space then his account cannot be deleted. Although the Administrator could restrict them from logging into their account and the user could be marked as "cannot log in" as well.

Following are the commands to manage the user's accounts:-

Login as a superuser

sudo su (Enter password and hit enter)

Create a new E-Person

/dspace/bin/dspace user --add --email [email protected] -g FristName -s Surname --password Password

Show the list of all user accounts. The output result will appear on the terminal.

/dspace/bin/dspace user --list

Modify an account of User/E-person

/dspace/bin/dspace user --modify -m [email protected] -M -i [email protected] -s surname -g Given_name -m [email protected] -t Phone_number 

Remove the E-Person/User account

/dspace/bin/dspace user --delete -m [email protected]

Restrict the E-Person/User to log-in

/dspace/bin/dspace user --modify -m [email protected] -C disabled 

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