How to Configure Koha Emailer Plugin to Send Bulk Email Notifications

You can send the bulk emails to the patrons using the "emailer plugin". The plugin fetches the information (patrons' details and notifications) from the .csv file which you need to upload to the plugin. And this plugin sends the emails to the patrons based on the fetched information from the .csv file.

1. Enable the plugin system 

Click here to Enable the Plugin system in Koha

2. Download the Emailer Plugin kpz file.

3. Upload the plugin to the koha system 

4. Prepare an Email Notification file

Enter the patron's details and your email notifications in the relevant column and save the file in the .csv format (Download Sample Email Notification File)

Go to Koha Home › Administration › Manage Plugins› Upload Plugin 'Patron Emailer.kpz' 

5. Next configure the Plugin 

Enter the email subject and  paste the following queries into the email text section and save the configuration as pictured below


        [% firstname %]  [% surname %] ([% cardnumber %]),

[% notification %]

User Name: [% username %]

Password: [% password %]

6. Next  Click on the Action and  'Run tool' button

7. Send the notification

Upload your email notification file and tick on 'Use notice configured plugin' under the "Select a notice" tab and  finally click the 'Upload' button

Now you can check the sent email in the sent folder of your Gmail account 


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