How To Add Z39.50 Server To Koha LMS

Z39.50 is a client-server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases, In other words, this is a tool that is used to copy the record from external resources while cataloging. This useful tool should have in your library. With the help of this tool, you can import the readymade marc record from the remote server. It will save time and help you to do fast cataloging 

Koha has already this useful feature. You can configure any Z39.50 server which is publically available and you can add as many Z39.50 servers as you want. But some of the servers (such as British Libray) may need login credentials (username and password) to connect with koha LMS. I recommend you should configure only the high-quality and trusted server with your koha system.  

How to Add Z39.50 Server to Koha LMS

In order to configure the Z39.50 server, you will need the following details:-


Port number


If the server is password protected then you also needed

Username  and  Password

You can find the Z39.50 Servers directory including the above-mentioned details on the following website:-

Once you have the above configuration details then you can configure the Z39.50 server. Here we will try to configure the "Library of Congress Z39.50 server" with the details from the above picture

Login koha staff interface ➤Koha Administration ➤Additional Parameters ➤Z39.50/SRU Servers➤ New z39.50 server

Enter the following  information ( Highlighted in the red color are mandatory fields )

1. Server name:-Enter the name of the server. (Can enter any name, I entered here name of the institution  "Library of Congress") 

2. Hostname:-

3. Port:– 210

4. Database:-LCDB (for UTF8 records. Use LCDB_MARC8 for MARC8)

5. Userid:- Not required

6. Password:- Not required

7. Pre-elected:– Tick in the box (If you don't want to preselect this server then do untick)

8. Rank:– If you have added multiple servers then you can choose the positioning number for this server number from 0 to 9. 

9. Attributes:- Leave it blank

10. Syntax:– Choose the MARC21/USMARC 

11. Encoding:– Choose the  utf8 

12. Timeout:– Enter 0 to disable the timeout

13. Record type:–  Choose the Bibliographic for import Biblio records  

14. XSLT Files:–Leave it blank

Now Click on the Save button.

The server Library of Congress has been configured. Now you can import the MARC record from the Library of Congress.

Koha  Home ➤ Cataloging ➤ New From z39.50/SRU ➤ Choose the Bibliographic framework

Enter the ISBN. The server gives the option to search with Title, Author, Publication, etc. but the ISBN is the most accurate because it will give you the exact record.

Choose the MARC record for which you are looking. Finally, import the record. You can review the card view, marc view, etc. before importing the record.

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