How to Enable Forgot your Password Link in Koha OPAC

Let us know  How to enable the 'Forgot your password link in Koha so that the patrons could reset the password through username or email address from the OPAC. For this setting, correct email addresses must be entered of all patrons in the koha, and the SMTP server for the sending of the emails must be enabled.

Forgot your password

If the "Forgot your password?"  link is not showing under the login area on your OPAC page, then do the following settings:-

Go to Administration > Global System Preferences > OPAC  > Features 

 OpacResetPassword → Allowed

 OpacPasswordChange→ Allow

Now you can see the link of  'Forgot your password?' on the OPAC login page

Set the base URL for the OPAC in the Koha System.

Administration > Global System Preferences > OPAC  > Appearance > OPACbaseURL

Check/Enable the Password Reset Notice in the Notices and Slip Section.

Tools > Notices and slips  > PASSWORD_RESET

Now try the recover the password by clicking on the button "Forgot your password"

Enter the username or email address that you provided to koha. 

You will receive a  link to reset a password in your email inbox.  Click on the link to reset your password

Note:- If you encounter the invalid URL issue then check the IP/koha OPAC address in the OPACbaseURL under the Global System Preferences.

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