How to Change the Password of Koha Database

During the koha installation, the system provides the alphanumeric MYSQL database password, which is very difficult to remember. We can change the password of the koha database easily.  

Koha master login username and password are the same as MySQL database (e.g. koha_library), where the data is stored.

Follow the below steps to change the database password 

First, we have to change the password of the koha_library database. After Then we need to change the password in the 'koha-conf.xml' file

Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and log in as a root user

sudo su

Hit enter and enter the password

Log in to the MySQL database

mysql -uroot -p   

Enter the MySQL password.

Enter the command to use MySQL

use mysql;

Change the Password for the database.

SET PASSWORD FOR 'koha_library'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('[email protected]');

(In the above command I am going to replace the default password with the [email protected]. You should put yours in place of [email protected])

Grant Permission

 flush privileges;

Exit from the database


Now we have to change the password of the koha configuration file at koha-conf.xml

Open the koha configuration file with any editor 

sudo gedit /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml

The following file will open. Scroll the file and find the line for the username and password. Here you find your default password. change it with a new password. 

Save and close the file. Now Mysql password has been changed.

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