Hide the 'No Cover Image Available' from koha OPAC

Sometimes koha could not retrieve the cover image for the displayed title of an item from the  AmazonCoverImages,  GoogleJackets, etc. due to several reasons. Then koha OPAC displays a "No cover image available" placeholder that really decreases the beauty of koha OPAC.

We can remove the  "No Cover Image Available" mark-up easily in two ways, using 'java scripts' and  'CSS codes'. You can apply any one of the following methods.

No Cover Image Available in koha

Using Java Script 

Administration ⇒ System preferences ⇒ Search "OPACUserJS"

Paste the following script into the box and save:-




Using CSS code

Administration ⇒ System preferences ⇒ Search "OPACUserCSS"

Paste the following codes into the box and  Save:-

.no-image { display: none; }

Now See the result 

Note:- If you enable multiple sources to show cover images e.g. OPACAmazonCoverImages, GoogleJackets, or LocalCoversImages  from system preferences,  you may get multiple images on the OPAC

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