How to Upload Bulk Patron Images in Koha LMS

Let's know how to upload patron images in bulk

All the Patron's images organize in a folder. Keep the size of images below 100kb. And pixels should be the images 200x300 or below.

There are many tools available freely to resize the bulk images. With the help of the following website, you can resize the images.

Rename all patron's image files as their respective patron's card number (eg. 20101.jpg, 20102. jpg) like the below picture:-

Open the notepad or any other text file. ( Only plain text file not RTF)

Enter all patron card numbers followed by a comma and then the name of the patron image file.  Don't forget to put the extension (e.g. jpg, png) with the image name.

Now Save the file with the name "IDLINK.TXT"

Keep all the patron images and IDLINK.TXT file in the same folder

Convert the folder to the zip file

Now Upload in koha

Open koha staff interface and login

Home →Tools→ Upload patron Images

Select the zip file (containing images and IDLINK.TXT file) and click the upload button. 

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