How to Remove Koha LMS from Ubuntu OS

Sometimes we need to remove the koha package from the Linux machine OS because of various reasons. And we don't want to format our Linux machine. Here, we know how to uninstall Koha Packages from ubuntu OS. 

Go to the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)

sudo su (Hit Enter)

Enter the password (it will not be visible) 

 Now Run the following command to find the package name of koha

 dpkg --list

packages list in ubuntu

Press enter key continuously to scroll down

Apply the following command to remove the koha package

sudo apt-get remove koha-common --purge

In the above picture, you will see that package is going to remove. Type 'y' to continue

Now again run the following command to see the package of Koha. It has been removed and is no anymore in your Ubuntu OS.

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