How to Create Barcode Labels in Koha

In this article, We will know how to create/generate the barcodes for the books in koha. Here we will create the barcode which can be printed on the A4 size ordinary bond paper or A4 size sheet with 65 (5x13) self-adhesive labels.


Create a Label Layout

First, we need to create a layout for the barcode label. A layout is used to define the fields that you want to print on the label.

To create the layout go to:-

Koha Home➤ Tools➤Label creater➤New➤ Layout

Enter the following details

1. Layout name:- Enter the Name (I have just entered MANC Final)
2. Choose Barcode type:- Code 39 (commonly used)
3. Choose Layout Type:- Bibliographic data proceeds barcode (Library Name on the top and barcode would be below)
4. Bibliographic data:- Here we want to print the library name above the barcode, So I choose order number 1 for the homebranch_description remaining fields left blank.
5. Text Justificatification:- Center
6. Font:-  Times-Roman (You can choose other fonts also)
7. Font Size:- 8

Now save the layout

Create a Label Template

Koha Home➤ Tools➤Label creater➤New➤ Template

Enter the following details

Template code and description → Put the template code and description 
Units :-SI millimeters
Page height:- 297 mm
Page width :- 210 mm
Label width:- 38.1 mm
Label height:- 21.2 mm
Top page margin:-10 mm 
Left page margin:- 6 mm 
Top  text margin:-7 mm 
Left  text margin:- 2 mm 
Number of columns:-
Number of rows:-13  
Gap between columns:- 2 mm 
Gap between rows:- 0.3 mm 

Save the template

Create a Label Batch  to Print

Koha Home➤ Tools➤Label creater➤Label Batch 

Here you can enter the barcode which you want to print and click on the 'Add Item(s)' button

Now Select the full batch to export or you can export the selected items to print barcode. 

Choose the layout and template which you have created to print the barcodes. In addition, you can enter starting label position on the sheet 

Click on the Export button and download the label sheet in the PDF format.

Now printable barcodes are ready. Use any ordinary laser printer to print them. keep the default setting (e.g. page margin etc.) in the printer while printing.

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