How to Cataloguing Multi Volume books

In this blog post, we know how to catalogue multi-volume books. Here I am cataloguing a book that has two volumes, with the same method, you can catalogue the other books too that have more than two-volume. 

Create a new item type

Koha administration➤Item Types➤ New Item Types ➤ Volume books

create item


Koha Home➤Cataloguing➤ New Record ➤ Choose framework

Enter the following information regarding volume number and content details in the Biblio and enter the remaining details the same as those used for any other item.

Select "Volume Books" from the koha item types

Enter the volume details and barcode number in the item information as below picture. 
Now click on the button 'Add & duplicate' to add other volume details.

Now See the final record from the staff interface or through OPAC

Multi volume book

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