How To Set Up Web OPAC With Awesome Table

Library OPAC

If You are working in a small Library and do not use any library management software to provide Library OPAC to Its user. Here you can create your own Web OPAC to search library books. it could be access from anywhere through internet. 


Prepare an excel sheet with the adding books data in column e.g  Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, etc.  Download the sample excel sheet from here or you can create your own.

Go to the Google drive with your account  and click on the New button to create a blank spreadsheet 

Click on Google sheet than  Blank spreadsheet

Now Click on Import Button 

1. Click on upload 2. Drag the prepared excel sheet of your Books data or  select the file from device

Click on Import button to import data of excel sheet

Make the file accessible

1. create your file name 2. Share 3.Anyone with the link

Insert a row below the heading row and put the standard filters accordingly

Some Standard Filters



Now go to the awesome table and Click on create an app to show sheet data in website 

For accessing your awesome app sign in with your google account

Give permission to Awesome table to access your google account. Click on Allow

Create a new app to choose any template from gallery (I choose here blank one) 

Now Select a spreadsheet for library OPAC

Select a data sheet and sheet range and create


Click on EMBED button and get Embed code for your google site
(From Right side panel you can do more setting for your awesome table )

Now copy the' iframe' code and save for further process


Create a Website on google for free by clicking  Here

Give the name of your Website site e.g. Library Web OPAC and click on embed icon on right side

Paste the embed code in the box,  click next and insert

Embded code for OPAC

Now your Library Web OPAC is  ready. You can more customize the website with new theme, adding more pages etc. 

Now  Publish it and share the link of website

Library OPAC

References:- Google sites,   Awesome table

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