How to install SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System) on windows OS


XAMPP server

SLiMS 9 source codes.

Download the latest version of  'XAMPP' and Install it on your machine  (

Download source codes of 'SLiMS 9' in zip format (

Now open the XAMPP installation folder and find "htdocs" folder inside the 'xampp". Paste the downloaded zip file of source codes of SLiMS9 inside the "htdocs" folder, extract the folder and Rename it  'library'.

Now start your apache server and mysql from XAMPP control panel (you can locate xampp control panel from the start menu)

xampp control panel

Now open your  a web browser and type  http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ or

Create a new database with the name 'library'

Now type http://localhost/library  or in the web browser

Installation Interface will appear  on the window

Click on the 'Get Start' button

All the requirements will be checked by the installer. Click on the Next button. Ignore the yaz error as it is optional and your 'SLiMS' installation will not be affected by this error. 

Click on Install SLiMS (as we are going to install fresh )

Now fill in the following information:-

Database Host: localhost

database port: leave it as it is

database name: library (We have been created a database name 'library')

Database username: root

Database Password: leave it blank

Now Click 'Test Connection. You will see Ok, Next. Means you connected successfully. 

Fill in information here including username and password

Generate Sample Data: 'No don't do that ( If you need sample data  then you can select 'Yes, Please')

Click on Run the Installation

Now SLiMS LMS Installed successfully. Click on Go to My SLIMS

The following window screen will open on your machine. 

Close the above window and locate the following URL in web browse  to go to Admin Panel:-

http://localhost/library/index.php?p=login  or 

URL for the Other library users:-

http://localhost/library or

Now you are ready to Automate your library with SLiMS (Library Management Software)

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