How to Display Book Cover Image in Koha OPAC and Staff Interface

Koha has a feature to show books cover from external sources e.g. Amazon, Google, etc. We can show book covers on both staff and OPAC interface. Koha fetches the information of books from websites amazon, Google, etc., and shows the image as a books cover image on Koha.

Here we do the setup to display the book cover image from the amazon site

Koha Administration →Global System Preferences →Entrenched contents

AmaconAssocTag:- vijender0dd-21 (Refer  to get your own tag. Select your Country and Signup/Sign In)

AmazonCoverImage:- Show (To show on staff interface)

AmazonLocate:-Indian  (Choose accordingly)

OpacAmazonCoverImage:- Show (To show on OPAC)

Disable the Google book Cover Image 

Koha Administration →Global System Preferences →Entrenched contents GoogleJackets →Don't add

All catalog records should have been ISBN. koha will fetch the Book Covers data from amazon through the ISBN only. Further, when you click on Book Cover Image You will direct to the Amazon site to find more detail about the book.

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