How to Bulk Patrons Data Upload in Koha LMS

Download a sample .csv file from Koha Tools

Tools→ Import Patrons

There is a number of columns on the sheet. Many of which are not for our use. You can delete such unwanted columns from the sheet or leave them blank.

 Alternatively, you can download the sample file from here which contains the commonly used fields.

sample patron data sheet

surnamebranchcode and categorycode are mandatory fields. branchcode and categorycode must be the same as you created in koha.

How to find the  branchcode

Administration → Libraries

Now Find the category code

      1. Administration→ categorycode

        These are the category codes in the below screenshot

Fill in all the data along with mandatory fields. In our case, cardnumber is also a mandatory field as this is unique for all the patrons. Now save it in csv format. The file is ready to upload in koha.

Import Patrons in Koha Database

Tools→ Import Patrons

1. Choose the file and give the path of your CSV file.
2. Select cardnumber (a unique number for every patron) 
3. Enter default value ( Some fields may be common for all the patrons, in that case, you can fill the common value. e.g. registration date and expiry date may be the same for all patrons. Even we can choose categorycode and branchcode as default values from the drop-down if all the patrons are from the same patron category and same library branch. 

Select  1. Ignore this one, keep the existing one 2. Replace only included patrons attributes option 
and click on the Import button

Patron records have been imported successfully. Now search recently imported patrons in Koha 

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