Email Configuration in Koha from the Staff Interface

In order to send an email, we have to configure a mail transfer agent like Postfix/ Exim on the server through Linux commands. But from the 20.11 version koha community has added a new feature to set up an SMTP Server under the administration module. Not only for the central library, but we can also configure individual email for an individual branch library on the server.

(Click here to configure with postfix for the older version of koha)

Here We use a Gmail Account in order to set up the SMTP server for email sending.


Gmail Account Setting:-

Turn on Two-step verification for your Gmail account and create an App password for the Koha SMTP server

Click here  to activate Two-step verification and create an app password


Configuration on Koha Staf interface

koha Administration → Additional Parameters → SMTP servers
SMTP server
Click on New SMTP Server 
New smtp server
Fill the value to Configure Gmail SMTP Server
Name: Gmail Central Lib
Port: 465
Timeout: 120 (default)
Username: Gmail ID
Password: Created app Password

Now it Looks like this
(You can repeat the above process again in order to set up another SMTP server for different branch libraries with different Gmail accounts)
Now  point to the SMTP servers which were set up to central library or branch libraries with their respective Gmail Accounts

Koha Administration → Libraries (under basic parameter) → Select Library (edit) → Choose SMTP Server from the dropdown list which one  created for the library→ Submit

Run the command to enable sending email

koha-email-enable koha_library

Now You are ready to send the email.

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