How to Convert Data from Excel to MARC format in Koha

In this article, we will convert data from an Excel file to Marc Format for importing Bibliographic records of items (Books) to koha LMS. Conversion Excel to Marc is quite easy but it is very challenging to manage multiple copies of books. Here we will use a trick while preparing an excel datasheet so that multiple copies can be merged into one record.

Excel to MARC Conversion Process

Excel records to marc

We need to prepare an excel sheet format. Download sample data Excel Sheet Format from the below link and copy your accession register data in the respective Column. Leave the column(s) blank, if no relevant data for any column.

sample excel sheet for marc conversion

Download MarcEdit and Install the MarcEdit application which is freely available


 Open MarcEdit application

marcedit application

Convert the Excel data to .mrk format

Open the MarcEdit Application and Click on the Export tab Delimited Text

Upload the Source File. We have a source file prepared as an excel file of book records. Specify the output file. Don't forget to save the output file as a .mrk extension. Select the Tab in Delimiter value.

 Check the UTF-8 Encode checkbox if not checked and click on EDIT LDR/008 and choose Book from the dropdown list.

Now click on the Import file button or Next Button (in the older version)

Next, we need to map the fields one by one to recognize the fields by standard .marc format.


Click on Auto Generate to map automatically all fields

Joint the tags and subfields.

  Select tags and joint items by right-clicking on the mouse

 Tags that need to joint together carefully.

Now click on finish and Ok

.mrk file will save on your output location.

Open the file with MarcEdit

marc format

Convert .mrk file to .mrc

Now we’ll convert the .mrk file into the .mrc format. Koha read Biblio records in .mrc format only.

 Compile Records with the MarcEdit tool

Now save the file

Import process in koha

koha  ➤ tools  ➤ Stage MARC record to import

Choose and upload .mrc file

Wait till uploading processing complete 

Click on the button of Manage Staged records

Select the bibliographic framework and start the import the batch into the catalog

You will see the Job progress is going on. Wait for completing the job.

Now records imported in Koha successfully

If records do not show in Koha OPAC then run the following commands to Rebuild Zebra Index

sudo su 

koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library

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